Shop Better. Shop Sustainable

Our Commitment

The UMass Store is committed to providing quality, fair labor products to all of our customers.
In our store, we have eliminated the use of plastic bags and provide our customers only 100% recyclable paper bags upon request.

The UMass Store is the first collegiate campus store to develop a sustainability section. As part of our commitment, we are reaching out to vendors and increasing the variety of sustainable products carried in our store, from recycled newspaper pencils and bamboo calculators to organic cotton tee-shirts and recycled bottle apparel.
We have developed a “Sustainability Section” within our store and we now carry apparel made from recycled bottles, organic cotton, and organic bamboo. Shop our sustainable selection today!

Sustainability Section

Q: What makes the items in this section sustainable?

A: All vendors in our sustainability section are certified fair labor organizations that pay livable wages. The products are made with 50-100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, organic cotton, and bamboo.

Q: What about humane treatment of employees?

A: All products licensed by the university are required to adhere to strict labor standards that ensure employees are treated respectfully and receive a fair wage.

Q: Why shop sustainable?

A: The apparel industry is the second most polluting industry in the world (after oil). Reducing post-consumer waste in landfills is a huge step in improving the industry and our environment.